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University Lakes – Minor in Consumption of Alcohol

My law firm is hired on a regular basis to represent people who have been charged with minor in possession or minor in consumption of alcohol and their case has been assigned to the University Lakes Justice Court in Chandler, Arizona.  The University Lakes Justice Court has jurisdiction over people who have been arrested on property owned by Arizona State University – ASU. Potential clients are often misinformed about their charge.  They believe that by not being formally arrested and simply receiving a citation, they are facing something no greater than a speeding ticket.  This is not the case – you are facing a misdemeanor criminal charge.  You need the representation of a lawyer who is experienced with handling these cases.  My office is at the University Lakes Justice Court on a regular basis and has achieved very favorable results.

If you have been charged with MIC or MIP – contact a criminal defense attorney at Matthew Lopez Law to schedule a free consultation.