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Arrested for Underage Drinking @ West Valley Race Track

Ktar.com reported this morning that 25 people were arrested Sunday night at a West Valley Race Track for underage drinking and several others were arrested for DUI.  Click here to view the article.

As innocent as drinking in a controlled environment may seem, you must remember that in Arizona, it is against the law for someone to be under 21 and consume even the slightest amount of alcohol.

There are many defense to an underage drinking or underage alcohol possession charge.  A conviction for minor in consumption or minor in possession of alcohol will have serious long term consequences.  Because Arizona does not expunge convictions, it will be on your record for the rest of your life.  Don’t let an incident that occurred when you were a teenager prevent you from obtaining future employment or education opportunities.

Matthew Lopez is an experienced attorney who is hired several times a week by clients to help fight their underage drinking case.  We have handled countless cases and have achieved very favorable results for our clients.