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Chandler Motorcycle Accident Results in Fatality.

I was very sad to hear on my way home today that there was a motorcycle accident very close to my office in Chandler that resulted in a fatality.  Riding a motorcycle is very dangerous and I urge people to be extremely careful and cautious when not only riding a motorcycle, but also when driving a vehicle near a motorcycle.

A car accident that results in death is incredibly difficult for the victim’s family.  It is truly tragic.  I became an attorney to help people as much as possible.  Listening to people’s concerns and helping them resolve problems and assisting them when they are in a difficult place is truly my passion. I have found that part of the healing process for families that lost a loved one in a car accident is to seek some form of compensation from the at fault party.

Pursuing a personal injury claim on behalf of their loved one will help pay for funeral expenses, provide the family with long-term financial support, and helps with closure. I know this is a difficult time for families, but please believe me when I tell you this, I am here for you and I will make this process as easy as possible.  If your family member was the victim of a motorcycle or car accident that resulted in a loss of their life, I strongly urge you to contact a lawyer at my firm as quickly as possible to discuss the personal injury case.  Insurance adjusters know that family members are vulnerable and may coerce you into resolving a case for way less than what it is worth.  I am a lawyer who truly believes insurance companies are evil and I refuse to let them take advantage of my clients.

If you would like to discuss a car accident or personal injury case, call my firm to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.  An attorney from my firm will be glad to meet at a time and place that is convenient for you.