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I was in a car crash in Tempe – what now? Better Call Matthew Lopez Law

There was a major car accident this morning in Tempe on the I-10 that caused a 5 mile back up.  Driving has become one of the most dangerous activities we do – and the scary part is, we do it every day.  Every time I drive, I see people texting.  This drives me crazy!  I find myself having to let them know when the light is green or see them drifting all over the road.  Texting and driving is especially dangerous in rush hour traffic.  When there is morning traffic on the freeway, people will quickly slam on their brakes or cut in front of someone – if you are texting and not watching the road, their is absolutely no way you will be able to react in time.

In my experience, it is a critical aspect of a personal injury case to request the cell phone records of the at fault driver.  If the records show that they were texting or talking at the time they hit my client, it means more money for my client.  I strongly urge you not to text and drive.  If you have been involved in a car accident in Tempe, call my office to schedule a free case evaluation.  You really have nothing to lose.  We have relationships with many doctors who will provide medical treatment without you having to incur out of pocket expenses.  The doctors, as well as my firm, do not receive a single cent from our clients unless we settle their case.  If you can get medical treatment and receive monetary compensation for your injuries, why not at least give it a shot.  Contact a lawyer at my office to schedule a free consult.