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Scottsdale DUI Dismissal – You Can Win These Cases!!

I represented a client who was arrested in downtown Scottsdale for a driving while under the influence charge.  The officer made the initial stop because he observed driving behavior consistent with impaired driving.  Once stopped, the officer pursued an investigation – based on client’s mannerisms – mannerisms that one may have if they were impaired by alcohol – along with failing a portable breathalyzer, the officer believed he had probable cause to arrest my client. After investigating the case and meeting with the prosecutor, we were able to get the DUI charge completely dismissed.  My client was only responsible for paying a $150 fine for a traffic violation that gave rise to the stop.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, don’t listen to your friends or family members who tell you that DUI cases are impossible to win and that you shouldn’t waste your money on an attorney.  The reality is, DUI cases are won all the time.  If you are serious about fighting your DUI, you need a serious DUI lawyer.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law to discuss case strategies relating to your case.