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100 Gallons of Fuel Leaked on I-17 Following a Crash

This morning, there was a six car accident on I-17 that involved a semi truck carrying a very large quantity of fuel.  According to police, a driver of a vehicle abruptly accelerated in rush hour traffic, causing the semi to swerve and collide with other vehicles.  Because of the wreck, the semi truck leaked approximately 100 gallons of fuel on the highway.  The drivers and passengers involved suffered serious injuries, but, thankfully, everyone is expected to be alright.

My office has represented countless people for injuries sustained in car accidents.  We are exceptional at maximizing personal injury recoveries; meaning, we work incredibly hard to ensure our clients receive full compensation for their medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering. I thought I would discuss this article because it involved a semi truck.  Commercial vehicles typically have incredibly high insurance coverage.  Our office knows how to investigate the driver’s personnel file to see if he has a history of poor driving, DUI’s, discipline, history of traffic citations, etc.  If there are any blemishes in the driver’s file, this could mean big money for my client!

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