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Chipped Your Tooth at a Restaurant or on A Snack? I’ll Get You Cash!

Just settled a case this afternoon where my client fractured her tooth while eating a very popular snack (I’ll keep brand anonymous).  Because of the hard piece contained in the snack, client had to receive a root canal and have a crown placed on her tooth.  Her medical bills were $7,500.00. When she tried to resolve this case with the manufacturer, they had the nerve to send her a $1.50 coupon.  That’s when she called my firm.  Instead of messing around with the company and their representatives, I immediately filed a lawsuit.  After several months of battling, we settled my client’s case for $6,000.00.  The company tried arguing that they shouldn’t have to pay because my client’s medical insurance company paid her entire bills, so my client didn’t have any out of pocket expenses.  Doesn’t matter!  Because my client was smart enough to hire an Arizona personal injury law firm, we got our client the most amount of money for very little involvement on her end.

If you have been injured in a car accident, or chipped your tooth at a restaurant or while eating a snack, call an experienced personal injury attorney at my firm to discuss your case for free. We represent clients in Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale and throughout Arizona.  Our lawyers make the process easy – sit back, relax and we’ll make sure you get paid!