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Phoenix Pedestrian Struck by Car.

Although my office is closed today in observance of Veteran’s Day, I came in for a few hours to work on a couple of deadlines.  As I was reading today’s headlines, I was very sad to hear that this morning a Phoenix man was struck by a vehicle as he was crossing the sidewalk.  Because of the impact, he is in very critical condition at a nearby hospital.  According to police, the man dropped his vehicle off at a nearby body shop and was crossing the sidewalk on a right of way signal.  I emphasize this in almost every single one of my personal injury posts – we must give driving our undivided attention – no cell phones, to texting, no eating.  I feel terrible for this man and his family.

As a premier personal injury attorney, I have heard countless tragic stories.  While I wish I had the power to reverse the hands of time to prevent the accident, the best I can do is help restore my client to the condition they were in prior to the accident, ensure they do not have to pay a dime for medical treatment, and receive the most amount of compensation for their pain and suffering.

Not only do the lawyers in my firm represent people who were a passenger or driving a vehicle at the time of the collision, we aggressively represent people who who were hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian.

Matthew Lopez Law is incredibly good at what we do.  Our car accident clients should rest assured knowing they have a lawyer that is fighting hard for their best interests.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, or anywhere in Arizona, call a personal injury attorney at my office for a free consultation.  We will get you the cash you deserve!