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West Mesa Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor. Another Great Outcome for the Firm!

I represented a client who had been charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor.  Client was with his girlfriend, who was under 21, floating down the Salt River. When the police approached his girlfriend to investigate whether she had been consuming alcohol, she told the police that her boyfriend provided it to her.  Providing alcohol to a minor is a very serious offense in Arizona.  It is designated as a class one misdemeanor – which is subject to a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail, $2,500 fine plus 83% surcharge, and probation.

The facts were not good for my client.  Through a tremendous amount of hard work by my law firm, including a comprehensive meeting with the prosecutor, we were able to get my client enrolled in an alcohol education program.  When my client successfully completes the program, the charge will be completely dismissed.  We achieved this outcome solely based on our extensive experience with representing clients charged with furnishing alcohol to minors.  Originally, my client’s case was assigned to the North Mesa Justice Court – the strictest court in Maricopa County.  We were able to apply our extensive knowledge of criminal procedure and get his case removed to a different court.  Getting the case removed provided us with the opportunity to use our exceptional legal skills to achieve a tremendous outcome.

If you are facing a furnishing alcohol to a minor in charge in Mesa, Arizona, call my firm immediately!  We are great at what we do!!