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Yuma, AZ – Pit Bull Attacks a Horse

Stumbled across this article on Ktar.com about a pit bull attacking a horse in Yuma, Arizona http://ktar.com/22/1587529/Deputies-Pit-bull-attacks-horse-in-Yuma.  Unfortunately, because of the serious injuries, the horse had to be put down. Although I am a very big dog lover – I have two of my own – it is important for dog owners to understand the consequences associated with a dog attack.  My law firm represents clients in Tempe, Phoenix, and throughout Arizona who have been bitten, attacked and injured by a dog.

Arizona law provides that owners can face criminal and civil liability for the acts of their dogs.  Although pit bulls can be kind, loving dogs, owners have to remember that they are incredibly strong and can be violent.  It is impossible for someone to predict if and when a dog may attack, so it is important that dog owners use good judgment when walking their dog or keeping their dog in the backyard.  If you are walking your dog, make sure you have it on a very tight, short leash.  If you keep your dog in your backyard, make sure the gate is securely locked.  If you know your dog has aggressive tendencies, it may not be a good idea to bring guests around your dog.
More importantly, if you have been attacked or bitten by a dog, call my law firm immediately to discuss your case.  We will help you receive medical attention for your injuries and make sure that you receive compensation to not only pay for your medical bills, but to also compensate you for pain and suffering, as well as emotional distress associated with the violent incident.We are very good at analyzing and investigating insurance policies to make sure the responsible party is held liable for their dog’s actions.
Call my office immediately to discuss your dog bite case for free with an experienced, aggressive personal injury attorney!