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Chandler DUI .092 – Reduced to Reckless Driving w/ NO JAIL AND NO INTERLOCK!!!

I wrapped up a case this afternoon where my client was arrested for a DUI in Chandler.  Client was initially pulled over for what the police officer described as weaving.  Officer claims he smelled alcohol and my client admitted to drinking.  Fortunately for my client, he had the foresight to refuse field sobriety tests and the portable breathalyzer.

I fought this case like hell and finally was able to reach a plea agreement where the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the DUI charge in exchange for pleading to Reckless Driving.  As part of the plea, the prosecutor wanted my client to serve one day in jail.  I told the prosecutor that I didn’t object to the one day; however, when we met with the judge I crafted an exceptional defense as to why my client should not have to serve any jail time.  Low and behold, the judge agreed with me and didn’t require my client to serve any jail time or equip his vehicle with an ignition interlock device.

This was an incredible result that proves why it is imperative to hire an experienced DUI attorney if you have been arrested in Chandler or anywhere in Arizona.  I have devoted countless hours to studying various DUI defenses and have achieved successful results for many of my clients.  If you hire Matthew Lopez Law to represent you for your DUI charge, you should feel confident knowing your case is in very good hands.  Call my firm 24/7 to discuss your Chandler DUI for free!