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Chandler DUI – Prosecutor Plays Hide the Ball

I am currently representing a client who has been charged with a DUI – his case has been assigned to the Chandler Municipal Court.  Part of my DUI defense includes submitting a three page pleading to the prosecutor requesting not only the police report, but everything relating to my client’s blood testing.  I request documentation such as the blood result, toxicologist’s resume, chain of custody, calibration data, blood results from everyone else whose blood was tested at the time my client’s blood test, the list goes on and on.

In preparing for an interview of the toxicologist – something that lawyers should do in every DUI case – I noticed the state has failed to provide about half of the requested documentation.  Here is the thing with DUI’s – THE STATE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO CHALLENGE THEM.  This is why I hear so many people say they don’t need a lawyer because there is nothing that can be done – they base their assertion on the fact that they hired some lousy, lazy lawyer who sat on his butt, collected a lot of money, and didn’t do a single thing for his client.  It is a shame so many lawyers simply don’t care about their clients.  I care about each and everyone of my clients.  I understand they paid me a lot of money to put together the best possible DUI defense – MY CLIENTS SHOULD EXPECT TO RECEIVE THE BEST POSSIBLE DEFENSE FOR THEIR CHANDLER DUI CASE.

Chandler prosecutors don’t want you to question your blood results, they don’t want to disclose pertinent information about your DUI case, and they don’t want to tell you how they arrived at your blood result.

My law firm makes the Chandler Prosecutor’s Office work.  We fight every DUI case tooth and nail – turning over each and every rock looking for holes’ in the State’s case.  We will work incredibly hard to try to get your DUI case dismissed or reduced!

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