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Phoenix – 13th Avenue and Pima. Deadly Hit and Run.

It was with deep regret that on Christmas morning, a Phoenix woman died as a result of a hit and run at 13th Avenue and Pima in Phoenix, Arizona.  Apparently, the responsible person was traveling at nearly double the posted speed limit and collided with vehicle the woman was driving.  Phoenix police pronounced the woman dead on arrival.

I cannot imagine what the family members of this poor woman are going through; especially on Christmas.  While their mother will never be replaced, it is important for people who have lost a loved one to a car accident to think about pursuing a personal injury claim against the at fault driver.  Even if the at fault driver did not have insurance, we can still pursue a personal injury claim against the victim’s insurance company.

Many people are reluctant to file personal injury claims.  They are intimidated by insurance companies and car accident lawyers.  I am an honest, hard working Phoenix car accident lawyer who simplifies the process for my clients and their family.  Often times, a personal injury case requires very little to no work for my clients.  I tell my clients that they will only need to come to my office twice – once to sign paperwork and the second time to collect their check.

Let an experienced Phoenix car accident attorney help you and your family get reimbursed for injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.  We are exceptional car accident attorneys who will fight hard to make sure you receive the most amount of money for your car accident!  Call to speak with an attorney 24/7, for free, about your car accident!