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Scottsdale DUI – Don’t Trust Blood Results!!!

In preparation for a DUI trial I had this week at Scottsdale Municipal Court, my investigation revealed that there have been significant issues with the Scottsdale Police Department’s gas chromatogram (machine used to determine blood alcohol concentration).

Some of my findings include maintenance and calibration issues.  Additionally, I have uncovered many human errors during the blood testing process.

If you have been arrested and charged for a DUI in Scottsdale – it is essential that you fight your case.  Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty.  I am an experienced and dedicated Scottsdale DUI lawyer who will make sure every aspect of your DUI is explored – my investigation includes interviewing police officers, interviewing the toxicologist who measured your blood, and scrutinizing calibration records.  DUI cases are incredibly complicated – if you do not hire a lawyer, you will not know the proper questions to ask and will not know how to interpret complex scientific analysts.  Also, not all DUI lawyers are experienced.  There are many lawyers out there who are looking to take clients’ money and put in the least amount of time possible.  This is not true at my law firm.  We are honest, hard working, experienced DUI attorneys who will fight your case tooth and nail!

Don’t let Scottsdale lead you to believe that just because you have been charged with DUI, you are guilty.  This is false!!!  These cases are won all the time.

I would be glad to discuss your Scottsdale DUI case with you for free.  Call my office to arrange a consultation.