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Underage Drinking and Fake ID’s on Mill Ave in Tempe, AZ

Mill Avenue, in Tempe, Arizona, is one of the most popular places for ASU students to hang out. Unfortunately for many students, you have to be 21 to enjoy the bar scene on Mill. However, many underage students try to go out drinking on Mill with a fake ID anyways. Although they quickly learn that Mill Avenue is one of the hardest places to get away with a fake ID and underage drinking, they are often get caught and face charges for minor in possession or minor in consumption of alcohol (“MIP & MIC”) as well as charged with possession of a fake ID.

If this has happened to you, it is important that you hire a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with minor in possession and minor in consumption charges. Matt Lopez has handled hundreds of MIC and MIP charges for ASU students. As an ASU graduate, Mr. Lopez understands just how much a simple MIP, MIC, or possession of a fake ID charge can affect your future and aims to help ASU students avoid having these criminal charges on their record forever.

Being charged with minor in possession or minor in consumption may not seem so serious now because it is so common in Tempe, however it is important to realize the impact these criminal charges can have on your future. A charge as small as an MIP or MIC can keep you from getting the job you want after college. Don’t let this happen to you! Call Matthew Lopez Law today for a free consultation!