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Underage Drinking at ASU Dorms and Apartments

If you are a student at ASU, it’s no secret how anxious both ASU and Tempe police are to catch students drinking underage. We have represented countless students who were caught drinking in the dorms. Many students think that once they are free from the dorms, they no longer have anything to worry about; unfortunately this is not always the case. Police have made a point to crack down at apartment complexes heavily populated by students, especially when management hosts events to welcome students back and encourage them to meet their neighbors. Some of the complexes we frequently see students get cited for MIP’s and MIC’s include Gateway at Tempe, The Domain, 922 Place (formerly The Vue), Block 1949, San Marbeya, and Apache Station. Even though most of the communities are gated, police will still walk around inside the community looking for students who may be drinking.

Having a minor in possession or minor in consumption charge on your record can severely impact your future. Many students don’t realize the severity because it seems that the majority of students in Tempe have at least one MIC or MIP charge. It is important to consider how a criminal conviction will affect your future. A criminal conviction on your record can make it difficult to remain competitive when looking for a job and applying to grad school. Although the party scene at ASU is somewhat a part of going to school in Tempe, it is important to make sure that nothing gets in the way of why you are really here, to get a degree so that you can get a job after you graduate.

Matt Lopez understands all of these concerns and knows just how to handle minor in possession and minor in consumption charges to minimize and even eliminate how it affects your future. If you have been charged with minor in possession or minor in consumption in Tempe, call Matthew Lopez Law for a free consultation today!