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Beer Lovers Rejoice…but not behind the wheel!

With the rise in popularity of locally brewed craft beers in Arizona, February 16-23 has been designated Arizona Beer Week.  The celebration consists of hundreds of beer festivals and activities around the Valley, ranging in size, to give beer lovers a taste of what suds Arizona has to offer.  Before you partake in the festivities and enjoy a cold one, make sure you have arranged for a designated driver to avoid running into a cold wake up call.

Police may be on higher alert this week, particularly in the areas surrounding the larger events.  Be safe and responsible and have a non-drinking friend join you, or call for a taxi ride.  If you do find yourself driving home and see those lights flashing behind you, call DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez right away. Arizona DUIs can be particularly complex, due to the extremely low tolerance for drinking and driving in this state.  An experienced and responsible DUI attorney is needed to research the case thoroughly, conduct interviews, and question lab results and the field sobriety tests.  Matthew Lopez will keep you informed as to the status of your case and is available to discuss the case with you at any time.

Enjoy the festivities of the Arizona Beer Week, but do not hesitate to call Matthew Lopez Law if you are arrested for a DUI. DUI attorney Matthew Lopez is happy to discuss your case with you during a free, no obligation consultation.