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Eloy Justice Court – Criminal Speeding Reduced to Civil

One of the biggest hot spots for criminal speeding – excessive speeding – tickets is in Eloy, Arizona.  Cops know the drive from Phoenix to Tucson is incredibly boring and people are in a hurry.  In Arizona, it is considered criminal to travel more than 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit or more than 85 miles per hour on the highway.  Criminal speeding consequences vary depending on the rate of speed.  At the very least, a conviction of excessive speeding will result in a class 3 misdemeanor conviction.

The maximum penalty for a class 3 misdemeanor is 30 days in jail, $500 fine plus 83% surcharge and probation.  While I have never seen anyone get the max, I have seen people sentenced to 24 hours in jail for a criminal speeding conviction.

Yesterday at the Eloy Justice Court, I was successful with reducing a criminal speeding where client was traveling 96 miles per hour to a civil fine.  No conviction for client, no jail time, no probation.  This was an incredible win for our client and our firm.

If you have been charged or arrested for criminal speeding or excessive speeding in Eloy, Arizona, or anywhere in Arizona, call a lawyer at Matthew Lopez Law to discuss your case.  We are experienced with aggressively representing clients in an effort to provide the best possible results!