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Lake Havasu Boat DUI Attorney – Don’t Find Yourself in Hot Water

The beautiful warm weather is almost here which also brings in boating season. Boating can be a thrilling and fun experience for you to have with family and friends; Lake Havasu is the perfect place for it.  Lake Havasu, located within driving distance from Phoenix, is a hot spot for boating, jet skis, water skiing and other fun-in-the-sun activities during the hot summer months.

It is easy to forget when you are out on the water and having fun that driving a boat requires just as much concentration and responsibility as driving your car.  It is also just as illegal to drive a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Driving a boat while drinking or consuming drugs can have severe consequences, not only in terms of safety of you, your passengers and other boaters, but also serious legal consequences.  This is known as OUI (operating under the influence), and law enforcement from Arizona Game and Fish can pull boats over at any time to ensure the sobriety of the driver and can charge you with an OUI if they find you to be impaired.   The legal limit is the same as driving a car: 0.08%.

During the warm busy months at Lake Havasu, law enforcement on the lake conduct OUI checkpoints, just as they do during holidays on the roads, and they also conduct what they refer to as saturation patrols.  It is so important to be aware of your impairment level while driving a boat.  If you are pulled over on Lake Havasu and are impaired by drugs or alcohol, call Matthew Lopez Law right away.  Lake Havasu OUI attorney Matthew Lopez is experienced with Lake Havasu boating OUI cases and will fight to get the best possible outcome for you.

Matthew Lopez is happy to discuss the details of your case during a free consultation.  Call Matthew Lopez Law today if you have been charged with a Lake Havasu OUI.