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Medical Marijuana DUI: Do not let your future go up in smoke

A well-known Arizona doctor is making the news after speaking out supporting the legalization of marijuana in this state for medical purposes.  Dr. Richard Strand, who represents the Arizona Wellness Chamber of Commerce, said that he believes medial use marijuana can help many people with various medical conditions and can help with appetite, anxiety, sleep problems, and more.

The debate over the legalization of medical use marijuana in Arizona is still ongoing, but if and when more and more people obtain the medical marijuana card, police will be on the look out for people driving under the influence of the drug.  Some may believe that because they have the card, and the marijuana consumed was legal, that they can legally drive after using it.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Just like certain prescription drugs and alcohol, marijuana can impair your driving ability and if police find that you are impaired after taking it, you will be charged with a DUI.  The effect marijuana has on your impairment depends on several aspects such as amount consumed, concentration of the THC, and your personal tolerance to marijuana.

Medical marijuana DUIs can be very complex cases and an experienced attorney is needed to fight the charges and get the best results possible for you.  A DUI conviction can be detrimental to your future goals as well as at a minimum a major inconvenience to your current life.  Matthew Lopez will spend the time fighting your case, including interviewing officers, reviewing reports, and combing lab results and field sobriety tests results.  The field sobriety tests used for an alcohol DUI have to be adjusted for someone suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana, and if hired, Matthew Lopez Law will thoroughly review and question these tests.

If you have a medical marijuana card and are charged with a DUI, call Matthew Lopez Law immediately for a free consultation to discuss your case.