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Phoenix Open – Scottsdale Police Ready to Arrest for MIC and MIP’s

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities in Phoenix.  The Open is not just your typical golf tournament, it’s an outdoor party with 150,000 people.  Golfing is secondary to drinking and having fun.  That being said, Scottsdale Police know that Open is frequented by ASU students who are ready to let loose and experience the open for the first time.

Students think that just because they are in the confines of the golf course, police aren’t keeping an eye out for underage drinkers.  Every year, my law firm handles countless minor in consumption of alcohol, minor in possession of alcohol, and possession of fake ID cases involving the Phoenix Open.

Scottsdale Municipal Court is one of the hardest courts on underage drinking.  Scottsdale Court bases sentencing on the person’s blood alcohol concentration.  The higher the alcohol concentration, the more severe the penalty will be.

MIC and MIP’s are class 2 criminal misdemeanors.  These are not just simply run of the mill tickets that involve paying fines.  These are criminal cases, which means if you are convicted, you will forever have a class 2 misdemeanor conviction on your record.

In the criminal justice system, there are not redo’s; meaning, you can’t call my office after you’ve gone to court and received a bad outcome to ask how I can help you.  Not having a lawyer to represent you for your MIC or MIP case is a big mistake.

Matthew Lopez is an experienced, well-respected Scottsdale attorney who has represented countless clients for underage drinking.  If you have been arrested or charged with an MIC or MIP in Scottsdale or Tempe, Arizona, or have been arrested at the Phoenix Open for any other charge, contact Matthew Lopez Law 24/7 for a free consultation!