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A motorcycle speeding charge is a fast way to a major headache

Motorcycles are a thrilling choice of transportation.  With the wind in your hair, sun in your face, and an extremely fast acceleration, motorbikes are an appealing ride for many people from young to old.  Whatever age you are, and whatever type of bike you ride, motorcyclists find themselves facing speeding charges as much as any other driver on the road.  Motorcycles make it easy to drive beyond the posted speed limit, and if pulled over, you could be charged with speeding, excessive speeding, criminal speeding or reckless driving.

Any of these charges can be disappointing and many bikers are confused as to how best to proceed.  Do not attempt to fight the charges yourself: Matthew Lopez Law has defended many speeding cases and has found many ways to fight the charges.  When you hire an experienced lawyer like Matthew Lopez, you know you are giving your case the best possible fight and can be assured that the stress of the charges are relieved.  Matthew Lopez will handle the court appearances, review and file all the paperwork, discuss your case with the prosecutor, and handle any license revocation or suspension charges if necessary.

Do not try to navigate a motorcycle speeding charge alone: the consequences can be serious and can be detrimental to your future.  Contact Matthew Lopez at 602-960-1731 or visit our website at MatthewLopezLaw.com for more information about reckless driving and criminal speeding.