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Candid Camera: Speed camera tickets are no laughing matter

Speed cameras were the talk of the town several years ago when a huge surge of them was placed around the Valley on our highways.  Many drivers saw the dreaded flash of light and soon after received the letter in the mail.  If you were lucky enough to avoid one of these tickets, you certainly knew someone who was not so lucky.  A new bill approved by the Arizona House will require Arizona Department of Transportation to approve where speed cameras are placed depending on the safety need for the camera.  The bill allows ADOT to oversee the cities installing speed cameras and hopefully will prevent municipalities from setting them up solely for revenue purposes.  Even with this oversight, you will certainly still be seeing cameras up all over the Valley, as cities collect statistics as to the importance of the cameras to public safety.

If you receive one of these tickets in the mail, you should not necessarily feel the need to pay the fine and accept the consequences.  Speeding tickets, depending on the speed and circumstances, can be a serious mark against your record, cost you hundreds of dollars, possibly result in license suspension or revocation, or even jail time.  There could be multiple ways to fight the charges and Phoenix speeding attorney Matthew Lopez would find those ways.  Matthew Lopez Law has handled many speeding cases and has been successful in mitigating the consequences for his clients.  Matthew will relieve the stress of being charged with speeding, excessive speeding or criminal speeding, including attending court on your behalf, reviewing all the paperwork, discussing your case with the prosecutor, and handling any license suspension or revocation issues.

Contact Matthew Lopez as soon as you are charged with speeding, criminal speeding or excessive speeding.  During a free consultation, Matthew will discuss your case, your rights, your options, and how he could get you, like his other clients, the best possible outcome for your case.