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Car chase leads to arrest… and a call to Matthew Lopez Law

A Prescott Valley man is in big trouble with the law after being arrested for several very serious charges.  Nicholas Wayne Gunter led police on a high-speed car chase from Sedona to Flagstaff last week and is now facing charges of aggravated DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of stolen property.  Three police agencies were involved in stopping the vehicle and arresting the driver.  Not only were Gunter’s actions extremely dangerous for himself and other drivers, but he is now facing some very serious consequences for the numerous charges, not to mention the overwhelming evidence against him.  For such crimes as these, including felonies, a few terrible choices does not mean you have to face the charges alone.  An experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney should be hired immediately to begin protecting your rights and defending your constitutional right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Criminal defense firm Matthew Lopez Law has handled many of these types of cases with multiple charges and what seems like an up-hill battle in court.   The legal process is complex and serious, and you may be facing very severe consequences. Attorney Matthew Lopez will fight your case and get you the best results possible.

If you have made some bad decisions like Gunter and are in need of a advocate for your rights in Prescott, Flagstaff or anywhere in Arizona, contact Matthew Lopez Law today for a free case evaluation for more information.