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Don’t let Ambien drive you to jail

When Ambien was released to the market in 1993, many tired customers found relief.  Ambien was a quick fix for insomnia, working efficiently and effectively knocking the user out within 15 minutes.  In the recent years, however Ambien’s dangerous side effects have become more and more discussed.  Ambien works so effectively that many consumers have experienced sleep-walking, sleep-eating and even sleep-driving.  Even after you wake up from a night’s sleep after taking Ambien, some consumers still have the drug in their system.  If the drug were in your system to an extent that you are impaired, driving is a risky, and illegal, activity.  The drug has such strong and dangerous effects, in fact, that the US Food and Drug Administration recently required the recommended dose for women be cut in half and will ask that doctors also consider reduced doses for their male patients.

Whether you are consciously or unconsciously driving with Ambien in your system, you can be risking your life, the life of other drivers, as well as risking being pulled over and charged with a DUI.  Even though the drug is legal and is for treating something as simple as insomnia, Ambien DUIs are extremely serious and can result in severe long-lasting consequences.   These types of charges should not be faced without Matthew Lopez Law in your corner.  Matthew Lopez has handled many DUI cases including Ambien and other prescription drug DUIs and will fight hard to get you the best possible result.

Your initial consultation is free with Matthew Lopez Law, and you ill get an honest and thorough evaluation of your case.  Do not fight Ambien DUIs without an experienced attorney: call Matthew Lopez right away if you have been charged with an prescription drug DUI in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, or anywhere in Arizona.