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Drug Trafficking can transport you straight to prison

As a border state, Arizona finds that much of the drug traffic into the country comes through our area.  State Border Patrol is finding that the drug traffickers are using any method that works in transporting the drugs across the border, including both very traditional “old school” methods, to new high-tech ideas.  Drug cartels have been found to still be using the underground tunnels and catapults, but are also using such modern technology as submarines and ultra lightweight aircraft.

Drug transportation is a major business and police are charging all types of people, from large organizations to small individual operations with drug trafficking, drug transportation, drug use, and of course drug possession.  Drug crimes are felonies and are taken extremely seriously in Arizona.  Drug felonies carry severe consequences including prison time and will stay with you forever.  It is important to hire an experienced drug crimes attorney like Matthew Lopez to fight your case for you and to thoroughly review and challenge the State’s case against you.  Matthew Lopez Law will make a strong defense on your behalf by reviewing police reports, interviewing arresting officers, and questioning all the evidence.

If you or a loved one has been charged with any type of drug felony, contact drug lawyer Matthew Lopez immediately to discuss your case and review you options.  Matthew Lopez offers free evaluations of your charges.  Call Matthew Lopez Law today for more information.