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Lake Havasu Cops Prowl for Spring Breaker Offenders

Spring Break at Lake Havasu is undoubtedly some of the rowdiest partying you will experience these days. College students from ASU, U of A, NAU, and even more California schools flock to the lake each year to celebrate a week off of classes and the start of warmer weather. While Havasu makes for a great time, there are several things you want to avoid to make sure you return to school without any trouble. By far, the most common issues we see people have in Lake Havasu have to do with drinking, both underage and while driving.

Many ASU students under 21 naïvely kick off their Spring Break vacations thinking that because they are safely distant from the infamously strict Tempe and ASU police, they are good to go. Unfortunately, this is not the case. While Lake Havasu City is more than happy to welcome all the spring breakers and the money that comes with them, the Lake Havasu police are also more than happy to take even more money from drinking underage or driving under the influence. Last year, our office had an influx of minor in possession and minor in consumption charges from many unlucky spring breakers.

Unlike other States, an MIC, MIP, DUI or OUI will likely result in spending at least one of your precious vacation nights in jail. Of course, the best way to avoid all of this is to not drink, but then again it is Spring Break. While we hope your spring break starts and finishes without any of these problems arising, the criminal defense lawyers at Matthew Lopez Law will have your back if anything does go awry no matter where you’re from – Arizona or elsewhere. Attorney Matthew Lopez has handled countless cases out of Lake Havasu and knows how to best protect you and your future. Contact our office day or night for a free consult.  We can be in Havasu to bail you out the same day!