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Matthew Lopez Law: your best call if facing Meth charge

Any drug charge you may be facing is serious, but a methamphetamine drug charge in Arizona is considered one of the most serious.  In Arizona, Methamphetamine is defined as a dangerous drug and is considered a serious threat by law enforcement and the National Drug Intelligence Agency.  Possession, use, and manufacturing meth are felonies.  Meth crimes carry extremely severe consequences, including heavy fines and jail time.  These charges will stay with you forever and can affect your current and future employment security and education options.

Facing a meth charge is nothing to take lightly.  However, there are defenses that can be presented to reduce the consequences or possibly avoid them completely.  It is important that if you are charged with use, manufacturing, or possession of meth that you contact an experienced drug defense attorney to go over your case and discuss your options.  Matthew Lopez is available to review your case during a free consultation, and can begin right away working with the courts, building a strong defense against your charges, and protecting your rights.

Matthew Lopez Law is highly knowledgeable in meth charges and meth defenses.  Contact Matthew Lopez as soon as possible to begin fighting the prosecution’s case and to begin easing the stress associated with facing such serious charges.