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Minor in Possession, Minor in Consumption = Major Consequences

As a student at Arizona State University, many of you are in the middle of the time of your life.  Attending a well-respected university, getting involved in school activities, enjoying Spring Break time off by spending time with friends, and making new friends.  This time can be fun and exciting, but being caught by police drinking alcohol as a minor can put a major damper on the good times.  These charges, known as a minor in possession and minor in consumption, is more than just a speeding ticket.  It can stay on your record forever, and carries severe consequences including hefty fines and can impact your job, your future career, and your immediate security as an ASU student.  Saint Patrick’s Day weekend and Spring Break combined, known for drinking and parties, was the perfect time for Tempe and ASU police to be on the look out for underage drinking and to issue a slew of MIPs and MICs.

If you or a friend received the rude awakening of an MIC or MIP this weekend, an experienced MIP MIC lawyer is needed to be able to have the best chance to mitigate the consequences.  Tempe MIC MIP attorney Matthew Lopez has handled many of these cases for ASU students and will relieve much of the stress you are experiencing.  Matthew Lopez Law will attend court appearances on your behalf, eliminating the need for you to miss work or classes, handle the mass of paperwork, and guide you through the difficult legal process.

Contact Matthew Lopez Law today if you received an MIC or MIP this weekend or anytime in the future.  Tempe law firm Matthew Lopez Law always provides free case evaluations at 602-960-1731 and can answer your questions about your charges.  Do not fight this alone: call Matthew Lopez today to fight your under 21 drinking charge.