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Prescription and Over the Counter Medicines Could be a Recipe for a DUI

It is common knowledge, especially in the State of Arizona, that it is against the law to drive a vehicle while impaired by alcohol.  The common term used for this is drinking and driving.  You hear it all the time: “Don’t Drink and Drive.”  This is certainly valid advice of course, however it may be overlooked by some that it is not just alcohol that can be considered the impairment.  Prescription drugs as well as many over-the-counter medications can easily put you in a state of impairment, and therefore you would be considered Driving Under the Influence and can be charged with a DUI.

Matthew Lopez Law has represented clients who have been charged with DUI after consuming legal drugs that they were prescribed.  Just because you have a prescription from your doctor, does not mean you have the right to drive your vehicle after taking the drug.  DUI attorney Matthew Lopez has also represented clients who were charged with a DUI after taking over the counter medications, such as nighttime cold medicine and sleeping aids.  While these charges appear different from a DUI and perhaps less serious to the average citizen, the state takes them just as seriously as drinking and driving, therefore you need an experienced attorney to review your case thoroughly, protect your rights, and flight to get you the best possible outcome.

Do not make the mistake of thinking driving after taking legal drugs is any less serious and holds less severe legal consequences.  Call Matthew Lopez Law if you have been charged with a DUI for prescription or over the counter medications.  You can discuss the details of your case with an experienced attorney during a free consultation at any time.