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Arizona Bike Week 2013: more bikers and more injuries

Arizona Bike Week 2013 is here!

It is a fun exciting time for bikers all over the Valley and the festival brings bikers in from all around the country to celebrate their love and appreciation for motorcycles.  With various events happening around town and the increased bikers on the road, drivers of cars, trucks and semis have to be even more watchful for these smaller vehicles. It is harder to judge depth perception with motorbikes and harder to anticipate their movements.  Often a bike is hidden in a blind spot or simply not seen, causing an accident.  Motorcycle accidents are even more dangerous than regular car accidents because the biker is exposed and the bike is less stable, and more likely to result in injury.

The hope, of course, is that there are no serious motorcycle accidents this week and that nobody is hurt, but the unfortunate fact is that accidents are more likely to happen during Arizona Bike Week.  If you or a friend is in a motorcycle accident and is injured, one of your first calls should be to lawyer Matthew Lopez.  Matthew Lopez Law has handled many motorcycle personal injury claims and can fight hard to get you all the money you deserve to cover medical costs, time away from work, cost of repairing your bike, and pain and suffering.

Remember to ride safe out there, but if you find yourself injured in an accident, call Matthew Lopez Law immediately for a free case consultation.