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Country Thunder MIC and MIP

Country Thunder is over but the memories will last a lifetime….and the consequences of underage drinking also have their own long lasting effects.  Police were in full force at the country music festival that lasted several days in Florence, Arizona.  The event, known for its wild parties and flowing alcohol, saw many of the younger attendees caught for minor in consumption or minor in possession of alcohol.  This charge is a serious offense and the courts will take it extremely serious for this event.

If you were charged with MIC or MIP at Country Thunder, it is so important not to face the charges alone.  The state will have evidence and police officer’s testimony against you.  You need a knowledgeable and experienced Florence attorney to present a valid, strong and thorough defense to get you the best possible outcome.  MIP and MIC convictions can be detrimental to your future even if it only seems like a youthful momentary lapse in judgment.  Minor in consumption lawyer Matthew Lopez Law has handled hundreds of these particular cases and has worked with prosecutors all over the state to reduce or even eliminate the consequences.

Make sure you give it your best effort to minimize the effects of a Country Thunder MIC MIP: contact Matthew Lopez today for a free case evaluation and to get started on building your defense and protecting your rights.