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Don’t let a speeding ticket ruin your California get-away

Even though Spring Break is over, summer is getting close and that means some of you are planning a quick weekend trip to sunny California to enjoy the beach life for a few days.  California is so close to Phoenix, just hours away by car, that many of us chose to skip the airport lines and prices and head West in our own vehicles.  With the excitement of getting out of town and escaping the heat, many drivers find themselves inching faster and faster, eventually driving well above the posted speed limit.  Whether you are aware of it or not, highway patrol are looking for speeders in the Buckeye and Tonopah areas.  Sometimes the smaller outlying municipalities pack the biggest punch when it comes to issuing tickets and enforcing them in court because they want to make and example out of you.

Speeding charges can range from regular speeding ticket to excessive or criminal speeding, and even reckless driving.  Avoiding the ticket by driving the speed limit is always the best choice, but if you are pulled over for speeding in Tonopah or Buckeye, an experienced speeding attorney could be the best option to reduce or possible eliminate the consequences you face.  Matthew Lopez has defended numerous charges for drivers on the west side of the Valley and can discuss your case over the phone during a free consultation.

There are ways to fight speeding tickets: Contact Matthew Lopez today to discuss your charges.  Visit the website for more information on excessive driving charges and defense against those charges.