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Fatal accident on 101 reminds us to drive carefully

Every day in Arizona there are numerous car accidents, ranging from small fender benders to major pile-ups.  Injuries can also range from very minor to fatal.  A rollover accident on the Loop 101 this afternoon was one of the more serious incidents probably for the entire month.  In the two-car collision, a vehicle rolled over causing at least one person to lose their life and most likely multiple injuries to other victims.  In this case, there will probably be an at-fault party who was cited as well as innocent victims.

Accidents happen, but they should never leave you or your family out of pocket for injuries or in the worst-case scenario, a loved one’s death.  The at-fault party’s insurance company will attempt to settle the matter with you directly, offering what sounds like a good solid amount for your injuries.  Do not speak to the insurance company until you have spoken with personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez.  Even your own insurance company who seem to be on your side and trying to help you, is only interested in paying as little as possible if anything.

Insurance companies can be tricky and can play games, and are NOT acting in your best interest.  It is important to hire an experienced lawyer like Matthew Lopez Law to be on your side 100% and fight for your rights.  Matthew Lopez will work with medical providers and insurance companies to get you all the money you deserve for your injuries, including lost wages, property damage, out of pocket expenses and pain an suffering.  Contact Matthew Lopez immediately if you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident anywhere in Arizona, including Glendale, Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale.