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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries start to Bloom in Phoenix

Phoenix now has a medical marijuana dispensary 3 years after voters approved legalizing medical marijuana in 2010.  Bloom Dispensary will actually be the 14th dispensary in the state but the first for the largest metropolitan city in Arizona.  With dispensaries popping up all over the Valley, cardholders have more access to their prescriptions to treat their various ailments.  Cardholders, however, must be aware that driving after using marijuana, medical or not, is illegal is would be considered a DUI if found to be impaired.

Police are trained in identifying impaired drivers and know how to distinguish a drunk driver versus a driver who is under the influence of marijuana.  Showing the police officer your medical marijuana  card may release you of drug possession charges, but will not help you if you were behind the wheel.  Matthew Lopez has handled many drug DUI cases and will fight to protect your rights during the legal process, and fight to get the charges reduced or even dismissed.

Medical marijuana DUIs are complex and can have many defenses.  Matthew Lopez Law is knowledgeable in building a defense and is always available for a free evaluation of your charges.  Contact Matthew Lopez today if you have been charged with a marijuana DUI.