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New bill to ease marijuana debate but only for medical purposes

The debate between the federal government and the states over legalization of marijuana may soon have a resolution.  A new bill introduced last week says that individuals and business that comply with the particular state’s marijuana laws are exempt from federal prosecution.  Arizona is one of those states caught in the middle between the state, which passed legislation legalizing medical marijuana, and the feds, who still maintain the position that marijuana is illegal.

If this bill in Congress passes, the medical marijuana program in Arizona will certainly expand and become more prolific that is has been under the current restraining circumstances.  That may mean that many more people will have access to the drug, whether card-carrying or not.  Even with the legalization of medical marijuana, marijuana for recreational use is still illegal and will continue to be enforced.  Drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia are serious charges and in order to have the best chance of reducing or dismissing the charges, an experienced drug attorney is needed.  Tempe drug possession lawyer Matthew Lopez is familiar with the defenses for drug possession and drug paraphernalia and will fight for your rights throughout the complex and serious legal process.

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