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New Supreme Court ruling on DUI warrants

A new ruling in the Supreme Court last week limits the ability of police to take blood samples during a DUI stop without a warrant.  The Supreme Court voted to pass this but disagreed on what kind of guidance police will be given to determine when a warrant is required.  The concern spurring this opinion was that time is not always a good reason to take blood without a warrant.

The ruling means that police are not allowed to use blood test results as evidence against a suspected drunk driver without having first been given a warrant.   In Arizona, police are required to get a warrant only if a person refuse the breath/blood draw.  The requirement for a warrant is something that an experienced DUI attorney will look at when building a defense against DUI charges. Matthew Lopez is highly knowledgeable of DUI cases and defenses and knows how to build a strong valid defense to reduce or dismiss the charges.  Matthew Lopez Law will conduct a thorough investigation into the stop, the field sobriety tests, the lab results and the police report and will find any issues that could mean the investigation was flawed, such as the warrant and other police procedures.

Establishing and presenting a successful defense for a DUI takes skill, experience and training: attorney Matthew Lopez will evaluate your charges for free and can begin investigating the case immediately.  Contact Matthew Lopez today if you are facing DUI charges, or visit the website for more information about Arizona DUIs and Arizona DUI defenses.