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Play Ball! Don’t Strike Out the season with a DUI charge

Opening day at the Diamondbacks is here!  Today the Arizona baseball team was up against the St. Louis Cardinals giving Arizonans a fun and memorable day at Chase Field.  With the roof open, the perfect spring weather and of course the hot dogs and beer, baseball fans were in for a treat…. especially now that Chase Field has announced lower prices atthe concession stands to lure more visitors.  Believe it or not, you may even find a cheaper beer.  For anyone who attended today’s game or who plans to attend any Diamondbacks games this season, drinking is part of the ball game experience but can also put you in a lot of trouble.  If you plan to drink at the Diamondbacks games, remember the best idea is to plan ahead on having a designated driver or calling a cab.  If you have any doubt, even for a second, that you might not be ok to drive, you probably are not.  Even with all the ads, billboards and other reminders to not drive after drinking, there will be some of you who will inevitably make the mistake to get behind the wheel.

For anyone who finds themselves being pulled over while driving under the influence after a game, keep this phone number in your phone: 602-960-1731.  Call Matthew Lopez Law immediately.  Hiring an experienced DUI attorney is key to having a thorough defense to these serious charges.  Matthew Lopez has handled numerous DUI cases, including aggravated DUI and extreme DUI, and is knowledgeable and trained on DUIs and DUI defenses.

If you or someone you know is charged with a DUI after a Diamondbacks game, call Matthew Lopez right away for a free case evaluation.  Don’t regret not hiring a professional experienced defense attorney to fight against your DUI charges and help guide you through the complex and serious legal process to get you the best possible outcome.