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Tempe DUI cases have possible weakness due to officer misconduct

An article released some surprising news today: numerous DUI cases in Tempe are being reviewed and may be dismissed due to the arresting officer’s misconduct.  The officer, who was experienced on the DUI squad, is on administrative leave pending an investigation.  The city says that some cases have even already been dismissed, but dismissed without prejudice, which allows the city to re-file charges in the future.

This news may affect you if you were charged with a DUI recently and the officer in question was involved in your arrest.  Officer conduct is only one of the many pieces of information that Tempe DUI attorney Matthew Lopez is experienced in discovering and using to fight your charges.  Matthew Lopez conducts a thorough review of all his clients’ DUI cases, reviewing police reports, field sobriety test results and lab results, interviewing officers, using expert witness testimony, and above all, working well with the prosecutors.  He knows many defenses for DUIs and will fight hard to get the case dismissed or reduce the charges.  If you find that your DUI is dismissed by the city without prejudice, Matthew Lopez Law should be contacted as soon as the charges are re-filed.

Phoenix DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez has obtained many good results for his DUI clients, results that could be difficult or impossible to get without a lawyer.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law immediately if you are charged with a DUI anywhere in Arizona, or visit the website for more information on DUIs and DUI defenses.