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Witherspoon shows that celebrities are not immune to DUIs

Even celebrities cannot escape being charged with DUIs.  Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth were pulled over last week, and Toth was arrested for a DUI while Witherspoon was arrested for disorderly conduct.  Despite having the financial means to arrange for a designated driver, many celebrities find themselves on the side of the road after a night of drinking.  It shows how alcohol impairs the mind into thinking we are ok to drive even when we are not.

If you have been drinking and have to think about it for even a moment, you should not be driving.  But, as Witherspoon and her husband demonstrate, it is easy to make that mistake after alcohol affects judgment.  If you are pulled over and are charged with a DUI, contact Matthew Lopez immediately. Matthew Lopez Law is highly experienced and knowledgeable in DUIs and will conduct a thorough investigation into your charge to build a strong defense.

Matthew Lopez always offers free case consultations to go over your charges and can get started on you defense right away.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law through the website or by calling 602-960-1731.