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Dogs Attack 2 Girls in Flagstaff, Reminder of Dog Unpredictability

Two dogs attacked and injured two young girls in Flagstaff on Friday, leaving the girls injured and the police searching for the owner of the animals.  The dogs were playing with their owner near the baseball field when they approached the two girls and attacked them.  There were scratches on their legs and a bite on one of the girls’ ankles.  The owner of the dogs left the area with the dogs after the attack and the police were still searching for her Friday.  This incident ended better than many dog attack stories as the victims were only slightly injured.  It is a reminder of the unpredictability of dogs and the importance of leashing your animals at all times.

Dog bites can leave victims with injuries ranging from small scratches to serious life threatening wounds, as well as long lasting scars, physical disabilities, and emotional issues.  Dog owners are responsible for keeping their pets from hurting people, whether it is in a public area like a park or in their own homes.  Dogs can appear friendly and gently until something sets them off and they can attack without warning.  Victims of dog bites should never be left paying out of their pocket for an injury that was not their fault.  If you or someone you know has been the victim of a dog bite, contact Matthew Lopez immediately to discuss your case in a free evaluation.  Lawyer Matthew Lopez is experienced with dog bite cases and can work with the pet owner’s insurance company and medical providers to get you the maximum money you deserve.

Dog bites can leave you with scars both internal and external, but Matthew Lopez Law can relieve some of the pain by collecting for you the money you deserve.   Contact Matthew Lopez right away at 602-960-1731 if you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a dog bite.