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Fatal rollover accident in Southern Arizona

A woman and her infant were killed a few weeks ago in Southern Arizona in a roll over accident.  The accident on State Route 86 left the 25 year old and her baby ejected from the vehicle and declared dead at the scene.  Several others were injured and were airlifted to the hospital.  Such a horrific accident is a stark reminder of the dangers on the roads we travel every day.  As much as we buckle up and drive safely, there are times when accidents are unavoidable because of another driver’s negligence.

Car accidents like this occur everyday in Arizona and in situations with injuries and an at fault party, the victims and their families must make the smart move and contact experienced car accident lawyer Matthew Lopez. Mr. Lopez has handled hundreds of car accident cases and will fight hard to collect the maximum amount for the injuries.  Matthew Lopez works closely with insurance companies and medical providers, and will pursue a settlement to help ease some of the physical, emotional and financial pain you and your family is going through.

Contact Matthew Lopez Law immediately after you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident anywhere in Arizona.  Matthew Lopez is happy to offer a free one-on-one consultation about your case.  Call 602-960-1731 today.