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Graduation Parties bring more DUIs to state

Congratulations to the class of 2013!  School is finally finished and you are going out into the world, but not without a fun graduation send-off with family and friends.  Many of you are celebrating this huge accomplishment with a BBQ or party, and no graduation celebration would be complete without some cold beers or mixed margueritas.  Graduating university is a time in your life to relax and be proud, and a DUI could easily ruin the fun you deserve.

Drinking at a party with friends and family may seem like a harmless activity and since the alcohol is flowing and moods are happy, it is easy to get carried away.  Before you know it you could easily be over the legal limit for driving home.  Do not take that chance: arrange for a taxi, a designated driver, or spend the night.  If you or a friend do take that risk and you find yourself arrested for a DUI, contact a knowledgeable experienced DUI attorney immediately.  Matthew Lopez has handled hundreds of DUIs all over the state and will be able to assist you right away with navigating the complex and serious legal process.

Being charged with a DUI after a graduation party is nothing to take lightly.  DUI cases are complicated and there are many defenses that Matthew Lopez Law can use to reduce or eliminate your charges.  Contact Matthew Lopez today for your free case consultation for more information about DUIs and DUI defenses.