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Lake Havasu Boating DUI

Lake Havasu Boating DUI Arrests About this time every year, my office receives a steady stream of phone calls from people who have been arrested for a boating DUI in Lake Havasu, Arizona.  The more technical charge is OUI – Operating a Watercraft while Under the Influence.  In my experience with representing hundreds of clients, I don’t think I have ever represented someone who lives in Havasu.  Most of my clients are from California.  Even if a client is from Phoenix, making several trips to Lake Havasu to handle their boating DUI can be a huge inconvenience.  I have personally represented clients in almost every single court in the State of Arizona.  In my experience, Lake Havasu is the hardest court in the entire state on people who have been operating a boat or driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

There are two courts in Lake Havasu – the Lake Havasu Justice Court and the Lake Havasu City Court.  Both courts are at the Mohave County Consolidated Court, but have different prosecutors assigned to cases.  From time-to-time, I will have a client whose case has been assigned to a federal court in Kingman.  This is because there are some portions of the river that are on federal land; thus, federal land has jurisdiction.

Clients from California are always amazed on the severe consequences Arizona has for DUI’s.  Unlike California, a first time DUI, even if it is just over the legal limit is subject to mandatory jail time.  My role as an attorney is to help keep my clients out of jail or help my clients serve the least amount of jail possible.  I have represented clients that have all types of DUI’s – from blood alcohol content just over the legal limit of .08 to clients who have been four times the legal limit.  The higher the blood alcohol content, the higher the penalties.

Don’t make a major mistake and blow off your DUI or OUI case.  Although you were at Lake Havasu to blow off steam, this is a serious case that could ruin the rest of your life.  Like all of our clients, our Lake Havasu clients will receive the best possible representation.  We truly care about our clients well being and want to ensure they receive the best possible outcome for their case.  We know our clients’ have busy schedules, one of the many benefits of our firm is that we will attend all of your court hearings to speak with the prosecutor and judge about your case.  Most of the time, our clients will only have to make one, if any, court appearances.  Let us absorb the stress of your Lake Havasu DUI case.   We tell our clients that the best thing for them to do is continue excelling with their personal life.  We will take care of everything relating to their case.

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