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Lake Pleasant OUI / boating DUI?

Involved in incident that needs a Tempe DUI Lawyer?

A day trip to Lake Pleasant is a fun and easy way to cool off from the hot city air.  For a short drive, the lake offers beautiful views and a chance to get on a boat to cruise around or enjoy tubing or water skiing.  Be cautious when driving a boat on Lake Pleasant though: police are also on the lake looking out for boat drivers who are under the influence of alcohol.  Drinking while driving a boat is called an OUI, operating under the influence.  Lake Pleasant boating DUIs are very serious offenses and can carry the same consequences as driving on the road under the influence. Don’t be under the impression that boating DUIs are less serious, they should be taken extremely seriously and a knowledgeable boating DUI lawyer should be hired to make sure your rights are protected and that you present a thorough and successful defense.

Tempe Lake Pleasant boating DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez has handled many OUI cases and knows the importance of fighting hard to protect you and your future.  An OUI could stay on your record forever.  It is best to avoid drinking while operating a boat, however if you are pulled over on Lake Pleasant, call Tempe DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez Law at 602-960-1731 to begin fighting your case.

Matthew Lopez is available today for a free case evaluation.  Call 602-960-1731 or visit our website at MatthewLopezLaw.com for more information about OUIs / Boating DUIs on Lake Pleasant.