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Pump the breaks on speeding through City of Maricopa

With the Valley temperatures scorching and no end in sight, many of us are planning a mini-break to San Diego.  Southern California holds many ingredients for a fun vacation: cool ocean breeze, Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo and Sea World.  The great thing about Phoenix is that this vacation destination is only half a day’s drive.  No need to fight the lines at the airport, just fill up the tank and be on your way.  Most San Diego-bound drivers take the same route through the City of Maricopa.  Beware of those speed limit signs; it is very easy to suffer “lead foot syndrome” when you are anticipating the gorgeous weather and fun activities.

Maricopa has some routes that take you through the urban area and also some roads that seem to be deserted.  Keep in mind that City of Maricopa Police Department is always looking out for speeders who fail to adhere to the limit.  Depending on how much over the limit you are driving, you could face some serious charges and some permanent adverse crimes on your record.  If you have been charged with excessive speeding, criminal speeding or reckless driving in the City of Maricopa, contact Maricopa speeding lawyer Matthew Lopez.  Believe it or not, speeding charges do have defenses and an experienced knowledgeable Phoenix speeding attorney can help.

Matthew Lopez Law always offers free evaluations of your case and can help guide you through the complex City of Maricopa court system.  Call 602-960-1731  today.