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Top Phoenix Lawyer Fighting Marijuana Trafficking Charges

A tractor-trailer crossing the border in Nogales last week was discovered to be carrying over 2300 pounds of marijuana, hidden in amongst a shipment of peppers.  The Nogales US Customs and Border Protection became aware of the drugs after a canine narcotics detection officer alerted them.  The 27-year-old driver was taken into custody, and an investigation will certainly follow, possibly leading to more arrests.  Drug transportation, drug trafficking, and drug possession charges are not always on such a large scale as this.  It can take a lot less marijuana to be charged with these very serious charges, and not necessarily transporting across the border.

Drug crime charges are extremely seriously and should not be taken lightly.  If you find yourself charged with drug possession, drug trafficking, or drug transportation, you need a knowledgeable attorney to fight your case and to protect your rights during the legal process.   Matthew Lopez Law, a drug crimes defense firm, is experienced in developing a strong defense for drug charges.  Matthew Lopez fights hard for his clients and will get you the best possible outcome for your charges.

Drug charges should not be fought without an experienced attorney by your side.  Contact Matthew Lopez today for a free case evaluation.