Arizona Medical Marijuana Cardholders Need An Experienced Drug Lawyer if they run into trouble

A woman whose marijuana was seized at a Yuma border patrol checkpoint should be able to get that marijuana back from the authorities, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld Monday.  After the marijuana was seized, the woman was able to prove that she held a California medical marijuana card.  The Arizona Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that since Arizona allows medical marijuana cardholders to possess the drug, even if the card was issued by another state, the marijuana should be returned to the owner.  Medical marijuana cardholder issues are still being figured out and there are still any kinks in the system that authorities must work out.  If you hold a medical marijuana card from Arizona or another state and were charged with drug possession, drug transportation, or driving under the influence of marijuana, you need an experienced marijuana possession lawyer to make sure your rights are protected.

As a cardholder, you have rights that may not have been acknowledged during the arrest or once the charges were filed.  Tempe drug possession lawyer Matthew Lopez will investigate your charges and will fight hard to get your charges reduced, or even get your case dismissed.  Drug charges are very serious and Arizona has extremely low tolerance for marijuana.  Since our state is still working on the details of the medical marijuana program, policies and procedures may not have been followed.  Matthew Lopez Law will identify those errors and present a thorough and strong defense.

Medical marijuana lawyer Matthew Lopez can be reached at 602-980-1987 and will provide a free case evaluation.  If you have been charged with marijuana possession, marijuana transportation, or driving under the influence of marijuana, call Matthew Lopez Law today.

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