Dust & rain causes rollover, victims need Casa Grande personal injury lawyer to collect money they deserve

A rollover near Casa Grande on Friday left 15 people in the hospital, possibly as a result of a large dust and rainstorm that hit the area.  Rain is a welcome sight for many of us desert dwellers but the dust, wind, and wet conditions are certainly not welcome for drivers.  When drivers experience dust storms while driving during monsoon, visibility decreases to sometimes only a few feet or less.  The strong winds can cause a vehicle to shift and shake.  Combine that with the wet slick roads, and you have a recipe for a major car accident.  It is not clear at this time whether or not another vehicle was involved in this crash, but victims of an accident like this need to call Casa Grande personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez to thoroughly discuss the case.

Car accidents that leave victims injured must be evaluated by experienced Casa Grande personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez.  You could be entitled to a large monetary settlement to cover your medical costs, lost wages, and to cover the inconvenience and pain you are feeling after the accident.  Insurance companies will try to settle with you immediately, but this is in their best interest, not yours.  Do not agree to discuss the case or your injuries with the insurance companies until you have met with Casa Grande personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez and discussed your options and your rights.

Arizona personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez handles car accidents cases all over the state and can collect what you deserve.  Call Matthew Lopez Law at 602-980-1987 today.

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