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Dust & rain storm hit the Valley causing injuries, Tempe personal injury lawyer will fight for you

The monsoon in the Valley comes every year yet is always a hot topic in the news.  While this year’s monsoon has been fairly uneventful, this week we are seeing some activity.  Today there is a major dust storm heading our way, hopefully bringing rain as well.  Whenever you see this kind of extreme weather warning, it is a good time to stay off the roads.  Blowing dust and severe rainstorms significantly reduce visibility and make it difficult to be aware of everything happening around you while driving.  Some drivers are undeterred by the weather, or unfamiliar with how quickly the storms can approach, and cause accidents.  Dust storm car accidents can be very dangerous, and can easily involve multiple vehicles, since oncoming traffic may not see the original accident causing a pile up.

Victims of a dust storm car accidents could face severe injuries and property damage to no fault of their own.  If you are involved in an accident caused by another driver, you may be entitled to a large settlement from the insurance companies.  Your injuries may be long lasting, painful, inconvenient and expensive.  Don’t let a summer storm ruin your year: you need an experienced Tempe personal injury lawyer to take on your case and take on those insurance companies.

Tempe personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez Law will ensure your rights are protected and be on your side fighting hard: the insurance companies are not on your side even though they might pretend to be.  DO NOT take the initial offer to settle.  It is important to discuss your case with Tempe personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez during a free consultation to find out what you may be entitled to.  Call 602-960-1731 or visit the website at MatthewLopezLaw.com today.